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How to choose a more suitable shaped magnet
Addtime: 2023-06-10


Shaped magnets are magnets designed for special product requirements, shaped magnets have become an irreplaceable material to promote thx development of high and new technology and the progress of contemporary civilization, the development prospects are more optimistic. Especially shaped motor tiles, the development of faster, then shaped magnet tiles in the motor play what role?

Magnetic tiles are mainly used in permanent magnet DC motors, unlike electromagnetic motors that generate a magnetic potential source through an excitation coil, permanent magnet motors generate a constant magnetic potential source with permanent magnet materials. Instead of electric excitation, permanent magnet tiles have many advantages, which can make the motor structure simple, easy to maintain, light weight, small size, reliable use, less copper used, low copper consumption, low energy consumption and so on.

It is very important to know the specifications and materials of customized profile magnets.

Concerned about the friends of the customized shaped magnets should know that the price of this product can be said to be a world of difference, expensive magnets and cheap magnets have a big difference, affecting their price is an important factor in the specifications and materials of these magnets, so if you need a customized shaped magnet, then first of all, we should pay attention to is not to look at the price, but to look at the specifications and materials, this way can be able to bring effective references and opinions for everyone! This way can bring effective some reference to the views and role.

Only if you have a detailed understanding of the specifications and materials of the magnets you need, you can effectively make a standard and accurate choice according to these conditions, because the price of these shaped magnets customized directly depends on its specifications and materials, once you choose the wrong material, it may lead to the use of the process can not achieve the desired effect, so the choice in this regard is also very critical, because these products It can be said that the different specifications, the price change is very big, blindly buy large specifications of the product, will give people to increase the cost burden, and is not cost-effective.

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