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Features and Precautions of Magnetic Drive Wheel
Addtime: 2023-06-10


Magnetic Drive Wheel Product Features:

Dust-free environment: Utilizing the magnetic force, in a non-contact state, it is possible to utilize torque transmission to transfer products in a vacuum that requires a dust-free environment.

Low gas emission: In order to reduce gas emission in large machines and vacuum machines, it can be used in an environment of 10-5 PA with special surface treatment.

Subwoofer: The subwoofer effect is unimaginable in conventional conveyors such as gears and conveyor belts. It provides a clean and tidy production environment.

Torque Limit Function: In case of abnormal load, two magnetic gears will rotate separately, realizing torque limit function. In addition, since there is no mechanical wear and tear due to the non-contact environment, it has a longer service life than conventional gears and other transmission tools.

Reduced costs: No need to replace parts due to wear and tear, thus realizing reduced operating costs. Since the performance is not affected at all even if the vacuum standby is repeated, there is no need for the complicated design and high cost of conventional products.

The magnetic circuit is designed inside the magnetic ring, and a weak magnetic part has been added, thereby enhancing the magnetic force outside the ring and increasing the torque by 20% compared to similar products.

Precautions for the use of magnetic drive wheels:

①When two magnetic gears are close to each other, avoid hitting each other, strong impact may cause damage to the magnetic gears.

② The magnetic field generated by the magnet may cause adverse effects on the following items. (e.g., cellular phones, magnetic cards, mechanical watches, etc.)

③ Because it is a non-contact transmission, it is not suitable for ultra-high speed rotation, zui high speed is 1500rpm.

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